CLIFTON, N.J. — The city of Clifton bestowed an honor upon 2012 B.A.S.S. Nation Championship competitor Antonio “GoGo” Gomez for his eight years of running a kids fishing clinic and contest for the city’s recreation department.

“Instead of giving me a plaque, they wanted my picture to put on their wall for everybody to see,” said Gomez, New Jersey B.A.S.S. Nation youth director. “That was phenomenal. My hair sticks up whenever I talk about that. It was an honor to have them ask me for my picture.” The photo of Gomez now hangs on the wall of the recreation department’s main office.

Gomez conducted this year’s fishing clinic last spring when he taught the participants how to tie knots and bait hooks and other topics, including how weather and water conditions affect fishing and how to win a tournament. The 2012 Youth Week Fishing Contest at Main Memorial Park drew about 80 kids who kept “Go Go” on the go. “At one time, I had 12 fish that I had to take off their hooks,” Gomez said. “The kids just kept coming and coming with so many catfish, sunfish, bass and carp. From 7 in the morning until 10 a.m., it was nonstop fish coming in.”

Awards were given for the largest and most fish caught for boys and girls in various grade categories. Gomez said he was especially proud that one of the girls who attended his clinic won a trophy for most fish caught during the fishing contest.